Here you can find information about your local chapter. Our chapters serve every district in Aloha Council, and decide when to meet. Your chapter is responsible for conducting unit elections and Arrow of Light/Crossover ceremonies in your chapter/district.

Scoutmasters: Please reach out to your chapter adviser to discuss how the Order of the Arrow can better serve your troop.

Arrowmen: Going to chapter meetings is a good way to get involved with the Order of the Arrow, by participating in unit elections, ceremonies, and leadership roles.

  1. Chamorro (Guam)
  2. Honokaia (Big Island)
  3. Ka’ala (Oahu)
  4. Kamehameha (Oahu)
  5. Kapiolani (Oahu)
  6. Kauai
  7. Ko’olau (Oahu)
  8. Na Koa (Maui)
  9. Pukahi (Big Island)