Lodge 50th Anniversary

2024 Spring Ordeal

Aloha Ordeal Candidates,

Congratulations! You have been found eligible and elected by your unit to become a member of the Order of the Arrow. This is a great honor! But it is only the beginning of your journey. To become a full member in our Order, you must first go through the Ordeal.

The Ordeal is an unforgettable experience. You will be tested both in body and spirit. These tests will help you come to understand your purpose, and how you can serve those around you. Strive to pass these tests with honor. Pay close attention, and really try to learn and grow from this incredible experience.

All information included with this email can also be found on the website at–Order-of-the-Arrow-Induction-Weekend

For any parents or adults who need to know pickup and drop-off times, drop-off for candidates is between 6 and 7PM on Friday, May 10th. Pickup will be after dinner around 8PM.

Everyone in attendance must bring medical forms, Parts A & B with them. You will not be permitted to attend if you DO NOT have your forms.

Aloha Brotherhood Candidates,

The time has come. You have been diligent in your responsibilities and callings in our Order and have proved your willingness to serve and put into practice the meaning of the Ordeal. You have shown a willingness to continue to live and act in the spirit of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness and Service. As such, you have proven your worthiness and are prepared to “see the full meaning of the Arrow”.

This weekend will provide you a chance to reaffirm yourselves to the principles you swear to uphold. Pay close attention to what transpires. Seek to find true meaning and apply it in your continued service. Your successful achievement of the Brotherhood Honor is the next step in a journey. But remember this. Like the Ordeal Honor, Brotherhood is given, not as much for what you have done, but for what you are expected to do.

As Brotherhood members, you will bear greater responsibility. You will be charged with leading and guiding the next generation. You will be expected to grow and progress and fulfill your obligation in higher and greater ways. I challenge you, view this weekend as a chance to reaffirm your commitment to our Order, and to your fellow man. Seek to leave camp inspired, to lead, serve, and lift the burdens from your fellow scouts.

When you come to camp this weekend, please bring a letter with you, of about a page’s length, that explains what you think the Obligation means. In it, describe how you have been fulfilling the Obligation in your daily life and how your understanding of the Ordeal has aided you in service. Also, describe your plans for future service in the Lodge and your Chapter.

Plan to arrive at Camp Pupukea at 10:30 pm (so the Brotherhood candidates can start their project work at 11:00 pm) on Saturday, May 11, 2024 for check-in. Brotherhood conversion will begin at 1:30 pm. The ceremony will finish at 5 pm. You are invited to stay for the Ordeal ceremony (to follow Brotherhood ceremony) and dinner at 6 pm.

Everyone in attendance must bring medical forms, Parts A & B with them. You will not be permitted to attend if you DO NOT have your forms.

*You have the option to stay overnight (Friday, May 10th). If you choose to do so, you will be utilizing the wall tents in Kilohana. You will be assigned to your tent along with tentmate(s) upon check-in Friday evening.

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