Lodge Executive Committee Meeting Minutes:

  • Minutes for all LEC meetings can be found here.

Chapter Officer and Adviser Positions and Responsibilities Forms:

  • Chapter Chief (PDF)
  • Chapter Vice Chief (PDF)
  • Chapter Secretary (PDF)
  • Chapter Vice Chief of Elections/Unit Elections Committee Chairman (PDF)
  • Chapter Vice Chief of Ceremonies/Ceremonies Committee Chairman (PDF)
  • Chapter Adviser (PDF)
  • Chapter Associate Adviser (PDF)
  • Chapter Staff Adviser (District Executive) (PDF)


  • Guide for Officers and Advisers (PDF) – All lodge and chapter officers and advisers should have a copy of this book. It reflects the current policies concerning the organization and administration of the Order of the Arrow Lodge. Topics covered include lodge organization and program, communications, camping promotion, service, membership requirements, unit elections, OA structure, awards, and more.
  • Chapter Operations Guide (PDF) – Filled with helpful tools, resources, and much more! The Chapter Operations Guide will help your chapter reach its full potential and deliver a quality program to your members. All chapter officers and advisers should have a copy.
  • Guide to Unit Elections (PDF) This guide provides information on Order of the Arrow unit elections to both members and non-members. It can be distributed to unit leaders and others who want to know the policies regarding unit elections and how unit elections are conducted.
  • Guide to Inductions (Ordeal version / Brotherhood version)
    • Unit Election Rules and Procedures (PDF)
    • Unit Election Team Checklist (PDF)
    • Unit Elections FAQ (PDF)
    • Unit Election Ceremony Script (PDF)
    • Unit Election Report Form (PDF)
    • Unit Election Evaluation Form (PDF)
    • Adult Candidate Nomination Form (PDF)
  • Who to Send Unit Election Report Forms and Adult Candidate Nomination Forms to (PDF)
  • Unit Election Team Training Video (Video)
  • Unit Election Video – To be shown to units during the unit election presentation (link)
  • Spirit of the Arrow Booklets – Spirit of the Arrow Booklet #1 to be passed out at the end of the unit election if the results are announced at the same night or at the end of the call-out ceremony (PDF)


  • Arrow of Light Ceremony (PDF) – This will be the required script for all chapters starting January 2019.
  • Cub Scout Crossover Ceremony (PDF) – This will be the required script for all chapters starting January 2019.
  • Call-Out Ceremony (PDF) – Suggested Call-Out Ceremony script provided by the National OA Committee and currently used by our lodge. Please use this version.
  • Ceremony for the Ordeal (PDF) – This publication provides the approved Pre-Ordeal (POC) and Ordeal ceremonies for lodges to use. 
  • Ceremony for the Brotherhood (PDF) – This is the text and directions for conducting the Brotherhood ceremony. For more information about the reasons the new Brotherhood ceremony was introduced in 2015, click here.
  • Ceremony for the Vigil Honor (PDF) – This publication provides the approved Vigil ceremony for lodges to use. 

For documents requiring passwords:

  • Ordeal, call-out, Spirit of the Arrow booklets, and unit election documents require the Admonition (one word, all lower case, no translation)
  • Brotherhood documents require the answer to the Brotherhood question (no spaces, all lower case)
  • Vigil documents require the Vigil Watchwords (no spaces, all lower case)