Momentum: Spark!

Momentum: Spark is the Order of the Arrow’s national virtual induction event. Our Lodge will be participating in this event.  Please see the message below. 

In order to continue building and maintaining our Order’s Momentum, the Order of the Arrow will be hosting a national inductions event, Momentum: Spark, on November 6th-7th. Momentum: Spark will include the opportunity for candidates from across the country to complete their induction, while current members participate in inductions and activation training. Then, on Saturday evening, the newly inducted members will come together with current members for an evening of fellowship and fun activities, some of which will be similar to what delegates experienced at Momentum Launch. More information about the specifics of the event can be found on our lodge website or on the Momentum: Spark website at

Any Arrowman who wants to participate in Momentum: Spark must register as either a basic or premium delegate. Basic delegates can watch the live Momentum: Spark content for free. However, we encourage you to register as a premium delegate to receive a full event experience. The registration fee for premium delegates is $15 and includes access to an archive of the streamed content, access to the Momentum community platform (Slack), the ability to participate in the event-wide game, and an event patch.

We hope you will join us for this exciting event as we continue to build our Order’s Momentum during the first-ever national induction weekend. Go to to learn more and register for Momentum: Spark!

If you would like to volunteer as an Elangomat or in any other capacity, please contact Brennan Lee at


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