NEW 2020 Official Lodge Flap

Aloha Arrowmen, here is the new Official Lodge Flap and the inspiration behind it.


Scouting is now unified across the Hawaiian Islands with the merger of Aloha and Maui County Councils in 2019. Accordingly, the Order of the Arrow Lodges have been unified as well. To commemorate the merger with Maluhia Lodge 554, Nā Mokupuni o Lawelawe Lodge 567 is releasing a new standard flap available to all active Lodge members. The new flap honors Hawaiian sailing traditions and features a double-hulled sailing canoe or Wa‘a Kaulua. One notable difference in the new flap is the change from a single-sail to double-sail design. These larger, double-hulled, double-masted canoes were used in ancient times to travel long distances. Just as the merger has united our Hawaiian Islands across the Pacific, including Guam and American Sāmoa, the Wa‘a Kaulua unites our Order of the Arrow brothers and sisters across vast distances. Here, the Wa‘a Kaulua embarks on a new journey at the dawn of a new day, under the ever-watchful eye of our Lodge totem, the Pueo (Hawaiian short-eared owl).

Dean Uyeno – Patch Designer